2020 VW Amarok SUV

The Volkswagen is one of the leading auto manufacturers today. The company boasts of several remarkable and famous car models including the popular Amarok Pickup that was first introduced into the market back in 2011. Initially, the automaker was quite comfortable with this vehicle but today things have changed. It seems consumer’s preferences are shifting towards big size crossovers. Due, to this Volkswagen, has launched plans, of releasing a new SUV version of the VW Amarok by the year 2020. There is very little information regarding the upcoming model though consumers should expect impressive interior and exterior styling. The 2020 VW Amarok SUV will be constructed based on the current Amarok Pickup truck, which is very popular and is recording impressive sales record in the auto market.

2020 VW Amarok SUV front

2020 VW Amarok SUV – Based on the Current Amarok Pickup Truck:

The upcoming 2020 VW Amarok SUV presents a very elegant and attractive exterior design. It will be similar to the current Amarok truck in most exterior aspect but with some modern stylings. The front end appears more modern compared to the truck with a new grille, thinner LED headlights, and VW logo at the center. The new front bumper is quite massive with elegant designing to fit larger air intakes for better engine cooling.

The car boasts of high aerodynamic power due to its light weight chassis designing. This will be achieved through the use of lightweight aluminum materials that lowers the overall car’s weight hence improving on its speed and fuel efficiency. You should also expect LED fog lights surrounded by chrome detailing. The rear end is completely different since this model is an SUV and not a truck. The new 2020 VW Amarok SUV will ride on massive 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

Interior Design:

It is too early to predict the interior detail for the 2020 VW Amarok SUV. However, based on the Amarok truck we can guess what Volkswagen is planning for us inside the new full-size crossover car model. The cabin will be very spacious with sufficient headroom and legroom. Consumers should expect adjustable leather upholstered seats that feature high comfort level. Most interior cabin sections including the dashboard adopt wooden and aluminum trimming. Expect better upgrades on the dashboard with a brand-new infotainment system with a wide touchscreen display at the middle.

Other standard features that are likely to be offered for the 2020 Volkswagen SUV include dual-zone climate control, navigation control, premium air conditioning system, numerous safety features and premium sound system featuring CD/MP3/MP4 player, HD satellite radio, Bluetooth audio connectivity, USB ports interface. Among the safety equipment are adaptive cruise control, rear parking sensors. There is also a plenty of airbags and safety belts, line-departure warning system, blind-spot monitoring system and others.

2020 VW Amarok SUV interior

2020 VW Amarok SUV – Engine Rumors:

The drivetrain that will power the upcoming 2020 VW Amarok SUV is a 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged diesel engine. This is the powertrain that will be offered for the US market and is capable of producing up to 224 hp. Power will be routed to all the four wheels (AWD). Rumors indicate that a 6-speed transmission system will be fitted to the engine. At this time, there is no information regarding EPA, acceleration, and top speed.

2020 VW Amarok SUV rear

2020 VW Amarok SUV – Debut Time and MSRP:

The VW Amarok SUV has been lined up for the 2020 model year and therefore you should expect to see it in the course of that year. There is no official words about MSRP in this moment.

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