2018 VW Golf SUV Specs, Release Date

The 2018 VW Golf SUV makes its way into entry-level SUV segment with a bangUnlike most of its competitions, the German automaker has failed to achieve much regarding their SUV production till date. However, the VW has finally unveiled its VW Golf SUV which is expected to arrive at the markets by late 2017. Planned to be released along with VW Golf MK8 hatchback, this new vehicle falls midway between being an off-roader like Tiguan and a premium hatchback. Although typically based on the flagship Golf GT, this SUV boasts of higher performance with loads if features both pleasing to the eye and exquisitely styled.

2018 VW Golf SUV front

2018 VW Golf SUV – Built with Lightweight Materials

Based on MQB platform, the new 2018 VW Golf SUV is expected to be a bit taller than Golf and a tad longer. It might resemble the VW T-Cross Breeze concept launched in 2016. This new vehicle is built with lightweight materials like carbon fiber for the linings and aluminum bodywork. The VW promises car enthusiasts that this model will provide more grip and better aerodynamics, hence better handling.

The chrome grilles and side rails on the roof will give this new vehicle a sporty look. Also, the bumpers have been facing lifted, and air vents allow faster cooling. The new LED headlamps will provide more visibility. Its potential buyers can choose from a range of hues for their Golf SUV.

Once inside the vehicle, drivers and passengers will experience complete comfort owing to the leather upholstered seats. With an option to choose between black and blue interiors, Golf lovers will experience perfect bliss even on longer journeys and rougher terrains thanks to its powerful silent engine.

The dashboard of 2018 VW Golf SUV will have an elegant 12.3-inch touchscreen display packed with exciting features like driver assist and navigation-based applications. Furthermore, the improved shock absorbing tires with hill descent assistance promises a comfortable ride. Regarding safety, the VW has included driver signaling and lane departure assistance as a standard apart from collision alert systems.

2018 VW Golf SUV interior

2018 VW Golf SUV – Engine Options

This Golf SUV incorporates active cylinder management in its powertrain. So the new drivers will work with fewer cylinders and thus aim to reduce fuel emissions. The base model is expected to include 1.4 liters 4 cylinder petrol engine. The new SUV is also expected to receive 1.8 liters TSI and TDI engines supposed to make more than 150 HP flat. Its 7-speed auto transmission will replace the older 6-speeds thus helping the vehicle consume minor fuel.

Competitions, Price and Release Date

The 2018 VW Golf SUV receives tough matches from its sibling the VW Tiguan. Regarding acceleration, the Tiguan outperforms the Golf SUV and revs from 0-60 mph in less than 6.5 seconds. Targeted mainly for European and Chinese markets, the 2018 VW Golf SUV is expected to be released at a price of about $25,000 for the base and higher for higher trims. The new model is expected to arrive at the markets by late 2017.

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