2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek Photos and Info

The newest 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek with updated design elements has caused quite a stir in world markets. The Subaru first introduced their XV concept prototype in mid-2011. But design wise very little has changed for this vehicle, since its inception. The Subaru XV is built on a raised Subaru Impreza platform. So, expect to see similarities between them in overall outlook and design. This company claims that this upcoming Crosstrek will feature new design styling and color choices.2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek front

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek – Design Worth Noticing

Judging by pictures posted on social media, one can expect to see this new 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek appear a lot less boxy in comparison to earlier models. The soft edges have given way to more prominent and angular lines. According to Subaru, this has been done to achieve a modern solid and dynamic design philosophy. A new color variant called “Glacier Khaki” will give this car a unique demeanor. One can also see that significantly prominent looking lines have been added to this new 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek, which runs all across the length of this vehicle. A slight resemblance to Nissan Murano can be seen in this car’s sculpted outlook. Expect to a robust spoiler to be positioned on over the rear window, as it is a hot trend amongst all crossovers now.

This newest Crosstrek is also going to feature more prominent wheel arches which are adorned by matte black plastic. The identical matte black highlighting can be seen around the headlights also. Its wheels are provided with 19-inch stylish alloy variants to give this vehicle a sportier look. In typical Subaru fashion, one can expect to see identical headlamp and taillight design, as both are seen having pointed edges, which draws the eyes to this car’s center.

Interior and Technology

When it comes to interior design expect this 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek to be equipped with a whole lot of new gizmos and technologies. A freshly re-constructed center console will probably come as standard with this model. This may include a new and more intuitive infotainment screen for greater driver interaction.

The Bluetooth and USB connectivity will also be near the central cluster. For greater control, while driving, this Crosstrek will have a button integrated steering wheel. This enables drivers to be more dexterous with car controls while maneuvering through traffic or other road conditions. Seating comfort will be a top priority for Subaru. So, the customers can get a carefully designed mixture of plastic and leather in this 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek. The Subaru has done this to ensure that maximum ride comfort is maintained. Talking of seats, the new model will come with efficiently designed seats that enable this car to have a cargo capacity of around 52 cubic feet at the back.

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek interior

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek – Engine Specs

The engine changes are yet to be disclosed by the Subaru. But one can expect this 2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek to come with the same 2.0 liter flat-four powerhouse producing close to 150 HP. However, the older 5-speed manual transmission might just be pushed up to a 6 speed one. This new car will also come with an automatic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system. The power generated will be transferred to all four wheels through any of these transmission choices. On EPA rating chart, expect to see this car give about 26 mpg in cities and around 34 mpg on highways.

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek rear

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek – Debut Date and Price

Speculations point towards a possible debut at the New York International Auto Show which is scheduled to be held in September of 2017. The price for the new Subaru XV Crosstrek will probably start from around $23,000.

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