Skoda VisionS Concept

The Skoda Company unveiled their new perspective, Skoda VisionS, at the International Geneva Motor Show 2016. The Czech automaker presented, what it claims to be, the overview of its new eloquent identity which will be reflected in its future range of SUV’s. The brand has transferred their design studies of Vision C concept back in 2014 into the SUV segment. With 185.0 inches in length, 75.1 inches in width and 66.1 inches in height, Skoda VisionS, stands out straight away on the road leaving behind the Yeti.

Skoda VisionS front

Skoda VisionS – Body and Design:

The Skoda VisionS appears bright, slick and spectacular on the outside. The crystalline elements, present in the vertical grille and the familiar Skoda logo in the front, resembles the Czech art of handmade glass crystal. The horizontal form of the headlights looks impressive as well. As we move on to the side profile of the car with huge 21 inches’ rims with a centered logo. It carries over the Vision C concept of ‘tornado lines’, running across the sides. The cheapest element, perhaps, is the pair of huge exhaust pipes, which appear as if they were picked right from the Audi Q7. But the bulky rear end and a pair of fiery taillights, compliment the overall appearance of the Skoda Vision SUV.

The interiors appear bright at first sight. With what seems to be a whole new approach to design, the dashboard has two big screens, void of any buttons, for both the driver and the passenger. It is built to support the various entertainment and tech-sync features planned for the upcoming models, that will be derived from the Skoda Vision SUV’s design. It also has separate LCD screens for the rear passengers.

There is ample legroom for everyone, keeping in mind the seating capacity. The doors have a smartphone holder and a subtle continuation of the glass scheme outside. The interiors of Skoda Vision S perfectly match with that of its exteriors.

Skoda VisionS interior

Skoda VisionS – Engine and Top Speed:

The Skoda VisionS is poised with VW’s 1.4-liter TSI engine, classed at 156 horsepower and powers the front wheels. It is facilitated by a six-speed dual clutch enabled automatic transmission. The engine also embodies a modest electric motor capable of producing up to 53 added horsepower.

The entire output of the system arrives at 209 horsepower, considering all the power sources are up and running. The Skoda Vision SUV comes equipped with a large battery pack of lithium-ion, placed ahead of the rear axle. It can reach up to 124 mph in terms of top speed. While it takes 7.4 seconds to go from 0 to 62 mph.

Skoda VisionS rear

Skoda VisionS – Possible Arrival Date and MSRP:

As of now, the Skoda has internationally released the new Skoda Kodiaq, based on the VisionS concept. The estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price of Kodiaq is around $22,500(the Czech Republic minus the VAT).

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