2017 Opel Karl Rocks Review

The Opel recently revealed a new car design of the upcoming 2017 Opel Karl Rocks. The new design contains changes and improvements in the features, exterior, and interior specifications. This model appears sportier than the old Opel Astra model and has the features of an SUV.

2017 Opel Karl Rocks front

2017 Opel Karl Rocks – Exterior and Interior Features:

Opel has made quite significant modifications in the 2017 Opel Karl Rocks. An evident change is in the car’s bumpers. The new designs are also remarkably more rugged, complete with integrated wheelhouse moldings and skid pads. The other notable change in the new design is at its height, which now stands at 18mm. The car’s sporty look is attenuated by its sloping roofline. Because of the raised height, the new car can also be used in rough terrains outside the smooth tarmac roads of the city.

Interior Design:

In its interior, the automaker opted for quality and aesthetic fabric textile covering, ledge plates, and classy stereo system, Apple car play, and Android auto compatibility. The new ride also boasts of an Opel On-Star personal connectivity and service assistant. The 2017 Opel Karl Rocks has improved comfort and safety features, which make it ideal for city streets where safety and comfort are paramount. It also has speed control features such as a speed limiter, steering effort button, and park assist features. The car’s seats are also raised, enhancing visibility and cabin access. The car is consistent with other Opel Karl cars by its five seats, huge trunk space, and five doors, making it ideal for many occupants and city life.

2017 Opel Karl Rocks interior

2017 Opel Karl Rocks – Engine Rumors:

As far as its engine and performance are concerned, the 2017 Opel Karl Rocks will be powered by a three-cylinder 1.0-liter gasoline engine, just like the older version. While Opel is still withholding information on the ride’s engine specifications, it is whispered that the car has a turbocharged Viva-model engine with a capacity to produce 74 hp. The engine is believed to have specs to allow its pairing with either the manual or automatic transmission. Still, because of a scarcity of information on the car’s engine, it is speculated that the customary five-speed manual transmission is the more likely option for the car’s transmission.

2017 Opel Karl Rocks side

2017 Opel Karl Rocks – MSRP and Release Date:

Just like information about the car’s engine is scarce, little is known about the car’s likely price. However, because of its unique but modest features, the price is expected to be affordable. The speculations on its affordability are based on the car’s nice but cheap details. However, there are other cars that have better specs and are expected to compete with the new car. The new Opel Karl Rocks are expected to reveal at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Thus, car enthusiasts and lovers of Opel Karl’s practicality may be able to order it by the end of 2016.

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