2017 Opel Antara Review

The General Motors plans to launch an all-new 2017 Opel Antara SUV that will share lots of features with the Buick Envision. The much-awaited crossover SUV will be appealing to many of its devotees, thanks to the major improvements and redesigns that have been affected. The upcoming crossover SUV will get some significant changes that will wow its buyers. The design of the upcoming crossover will be based on the Theta platform. It comes with a new and stylish sheet metal, so we expect to see a dynamic-looking crossover that can compete with other big names in this segment.

2017 Opel Antara front

2017 Opel Antara – Interior Design:

The inner part of this sports utility car brings modern automotive technology along with the most convenient safety and security features. Its cabin gets wrapped up in premium quality upholstery and features spacious seating. It highlights an ideal amount of cargo spacing that suits any family whether conducting errands or traveling around.

The dash presents a whole new design organized in a more interactive manner. A large color touch screen graces the better part of the dash. The supposed screen proves handy in monitoring and controlling a host of features inside this crossover. The reports also have it that the car’s steering wheel will be more sensitive to afford a better control and handling ability.

Exterior Design:

The exterior design of 2017 Opel Antara is based on the Theta platform. It is a five-door, compact sports utility crossover with a sleek looking exterior. It also comes with an entirely new grille that makes it boast an aggressive aesthetic. The forthcoming auto conveys the elegant-looking LED headlights that extend to almost the middle of its bonnet.

Its rear section will come equipped with new tail lights that are more visible and sleeker as compared to those of its predecessor. Buyers will also appreciate the addition of new damper chrome bezels, besides the fact that the auto sits atop 19-inch alloy wheels with stronger and more durable suspension springs.

2017 Opel Antara interior

2017 Opel Antara – Engine and Transmission System:

The 2017 Opel Antara comes equipped with a more powerful engine than that of the current model. It is fitted with a turbocharged 2.0-Liter LGT Econet engine. This engine has all it takes to deliver up to 150 hp. The engine will be connected to a six-speed automatic transmission system. The reports also reveal that the new model will have the option of either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. So, the automaker hints that the new model has an improvement in fuel economy and reduction in emission.

2017 Opel Antara rear

2017 Opel Antara – Dispatch Date and MSRP Expected:

The discharge date is yet to be confirmed. However, we expect that the 2017 Opel Antara will find its way into the showrooms by the middle of next year. Apparently, the new model gets many significant changes and useful improvements in many sections of the SUV. For that reason, its price is expected to exceed that of its current model. Finally, the experts estimate the manufacturer’s suggested retail price to go around $20,000.

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