Mercedes-Benz GLB Concept

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLB Concept will be upgraded compact crossover SUV version of the celebrated G class from world legendary German automaker, Mercedes-Benz. Back in 1979, this model was a very popular vehicle, and so far not much modification was made. Today, this model will definitely receive some significant upgrades such as a comprehensive facelift. According to German automakers, this model will hit the dealerships probably in September 2019 and go on sale as a 2020 model. The future Mercedes-Benz GLB Concept will probably keep the boxy, small and body-on-frame design. Considering the fact that this model is built for modern market needs, we can anticipate fuel efficiency engine, luxurious interior design and also very appealing exterior design.

Mercedes-Benz GLB front view
Mercedes-Benz GLB – Feature Overview:

The exterior design of the resulting Mercedes-Benz GLB Concept will be very appealing, and everyone will be just delighted with its appearance. The small, boxy design is provided, but this time with some modern touches. According to numerous rumors, the upcoming model will be based on next generation of MFA2 platform for smaller models. B-class and A-class also use this platform. Mercedes Company says that this model is a combination of G-class, GLA-class, and B-class. Thanks to the new platform, this model will be lighter than before, which also means better performance and fuel economy. Let’s move on some details now. First of all, at the front side, we can notice elegant chrome front grille with large Mercedes logo in the center. The small LED powered headlights are very strong. Down low, we can see massive front bumper with big air intakes. At the side, this model will ride on amazingly large tires for all kind of terrains. Also, the aluminum wheels are very elegant. There is no information about its size, but according to pictures we assume that the size will be probably 23 inches for the wheels and between 30-35 inches for the tires.

The interior design is made for modern markets, and everything inside is beautiful. Thanks to the extended wheelbase, the cabin is able of accommodating up to five passengers. All of them can enjoy a high dose of comfort. The premium leather covers all seats. There is going to be a lot of high-quality materials inside the cabin, and some of them are aluminum, carbon fiber, and maybe even wood. Other standard interior features include upgraded navigation system, redesigned center stack, Bluetooth connectivity, leather-wrapped steering wheel, parking assistance, Wi-Fi hotspot, great sound system, and many others as well.

Mercedes-Benz GLB interior
Mercedes-Benz GLB – Engine Rumors:

We don’t have official confirmation about its engine capabilities, but according to various rumors, the resulting Mercedes-Benz GLB Concept will be powered by a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder diesel variant with the ability to generate 150 hp. Also, there are some rumors about the second option, and that is 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine. The newest Mercedes-Benz GLB Concept is expected to be offered in FWD and AWD. Also, we expect to see and hybrid options. The transmission system will be seven or nine-speed system.

Mercedes-Benz GLB side
Mercedes-Benz GLB Concept – MSRP and Release Date:

As we wrote in the intro, the anticipated model will hit the market in 2019, as a 2020 model. Unfortunately, information about its manufacturer’s suggested retail price is not yet available.

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