Lotus SUV Concept

The Lotus Company will release the brand new compact SUV model, also known as Lotus SUV Concept. It is not yet announced, but our assumption is by the end of 2017. It is certain that the Company will do their best to construct the perfect SUV model. They anticipate so many sales, and importantly, a lot of satisfied customers. The exterior design is predicted to be very attractive and modernistic, while the interior is anticipated to be so luxurious. Also, there is going to be a lot of high-quality features and high-quality materials inside the cabin. The handling and engine capabilities are also on the excellent level.

Lotus SUV front

Lotus SUV Concept – Body Design:

From the outside, the new Lotus SUV Concept will be so attractive. The chassis will be constructed in that way to have minimalistic weight. In the chassis construction, the Company used aluminum and carbon fiber materials. As we know, that is also very good for fuel consumption. In general, the exterior will be very stylish and at the photos we had, we can notice some similarities to the exterior design of the Lotus APX Concept.

The front fascia will be especially appealing and aggressive. Here we can see nicely designed front grille with Lotus lettering in the center. The headlights are also very beautiful. Its shape will be a triangle shape. When it comes to systems for the lighting, all the lights will use LED technology. At the sides, this model will ride on large aluminum wheels. Its size is not yet announced, but if we have to predict, we say 18 inches.


The interior design of the newly Lotus SUV Concept will be one of the most luxurious interiors that we have ever seen. It will be inspired by the Aston Martin models. There will be so many high-tech features and high-quality materials. We can expect leather on all seats as well as on the dash. Also, some wooden parts are provided. All passengers will have a lot of space for head and for legs. Also, the cargo space is very good, and you will have space for everything. Besides premium materials, we can expect numerous high-tech features, but at this point, we don’t know exactly which ones will be provided.

Lotus SUV Concept – Engine Rumors:

The future Lotus SUV Concept will have so strong and also very efficient engines. We can expect two engine options. The first engine will be 1.6 liters four- cylinder petrol engine and the second one will be 3.5 liter V6 engine. Some rumors suggest that we can expect diesel and hybrid engines with four-wheel drive type. Mentioned engines will be available with or without superchargers. We can anticipate very good fuel economy rates, but at this moment, the exact figures are not available. From 0-60 mph, this model goes for around 5 seconds. Also, the top speed will be rated at 155 mph.

Lotus SUV rear

Lotus SUV Concept – Release Date and MSRP:

The release date of the brand new Lotus SUV Concept will be probably in the second half of next year. At this point, information about the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is not yet announced, but some rumors suggest that is going to be between $80.000 and $100.000. The main rivals will be Porsche Macan Turbo S.

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