2017 Lincoln Aviator Concept, Specs, Release Date, MSRP

The 2017 Lincoln Aviator is an SUV generation designed for consumers who like powerful and economical cars. The new Aviator brings a neat layout, best interior, and exterior package, in addition to a couple of improvements and innovations. The reports from our credible sources point out that the design of the next Lincoln Aviator SUV resembles the platforms of the BMW and Toyota car brands.

2017 Lincoln Aviator front

2017 Lincoln Aviator – Features and Design:

The 2017 Lincoln Aviator is based on the concept and platforms of the Ford Explorer and the renowned Mazda CX7 crossover. Apparently, the automaker intends to scrap everything and start again from scratch. The next Aviator will feature a redesigned grille that gives it a more aggressive and appealing guise. The engine options, attractive mileage, and performance are all key considerations in the design of the upcoming Aviator SUV.

The front section on 2017 Lincoln Aviator will likely feature the same styling cues as the Navigator or the new Continental. Other sections will, however, be all new. Irrespective of having seven seats, some reports also suggest the possibility of a couple-like design that will make the new Aviator the most outstanding SUV to consider. The outer segment of the next Aviator is not entirely new, but tons of specifications in the exterior and interior have been remodeled to provide a renewed look. The grille surrounds the headlamps to provide an elegant appeal. The new SUV also utilizes the state-of-the-art LED technology, which gives the headlights the highest light intensity. The automaker made this crucial change in the quest to provide a better driving experience at night.

Interior Features:

The upcoming Lincoln Aviator is likely to encompass a modified interior to offer the ultimate comfort during the ride. This SUV accommodates up to four adult passengers in comfort, and its seats come equipped with a footrest. The designers of this crossover SUV made the decision to include DVD screens or hinged trays at the back of the front seats. They are meant to keep the rear passengers entertained during the ride.

However, the interior trim of the crossover applies different types, including leather, wood, and aluminum. The floor offers witty details courtesy of the highest quality hardwood cuts. The SUV supplies adequate cargo space that accommodates the passenger’s luggage without a problem.

Safety Features:

The several safety features are also installed on this SUV model to guarantee the security of the occupants. These include the availability of safety seat-belts, automated warning systems, and emergency brakes among others. Furthermore, each passenger in the vehicle is provided with airbags system for safety and security.

2017 Lincoln Aviator interior

2017 Lincoln Aviator – Power Unit:

The 2017 Lincoln Aviator is likely to offer 4.6-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine with front wheel drive. It generates around 302 hp, although the front wheel drive system limits its capacity. The engine utilizes a new 5-speed automatic transmission and is practically efficient. The decreased body weight of the car alongside the new transmission will enhance its fuel economy and overall performance.

2017 Lincoln Aviator rear

2017 Lincoln Aviator – Release Date and Expected MSRP:

The 2017 Lincoln Aviator is slated for discharge somewhere toward the end of 2016, implying that the sale will be in progress by the year 2017. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for this SUV generation starts at $35,000.

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