2017 Lexus GX 460 Redesign, MSRP, Specs, Review

There is no official information about the 2017 Lexus GX 460, but according to some leaked photos, the new car will suffer a total redesign comparing it to the 2016 model. Even though the 2016 GX 460 was a very successful one and received good reviews, the Japanese car manufacturer still considered that a fresh start is needed for the 2017 model and they decided to make some serious changes towards it. Still, the certain fact is that the 2017 Lexus GX 460 will maintain its prestige as a luxury SUV with great off-road abilities, even though their main buyers aren’t really off-road enthusiasts.

2017 Lexus GX 460 front

2017 Lexus GX 460 – Redesigned Appearance:

From the actual photos of the 2017 Lexus GX 460, we can easily observe that the car has been completely redesigned. The first notable change is the front spindle grille which is significantly bigger than its previous models. The headlights at the new car had been modified as well. The taillights will be operated by LED technology which will be highlighted with chrome trim strips, the bumper design has been changed as well. Apparently, the Japanese manufacturer didn’t stop at the exterior and there were a lot of improvements on the 2017 Lexus GX 460, even inside the car.

A very significant one is based on the wood insertions that are making the cabin look more stylish. The touchscreen LCD screen has been updated as well. There is a connectivity feature like WiFi and Bluetooth support, connectivity with your smartphone and many others. Other important additions are the telescopic steering wheel, the blind spot alert, and the three zones automatic climate control.

2017 Lexus GX 460 interior

2017 Lexus GX 460 – Engine and Fuel Efficiency:

The Lexus GX 460 comes with a premium 4.6-liter, V8 engine, operated by a 6-speed automatic transmission. The engine is capable of producing up to 301 hp, which is more than enough for this car. The fuel consumption is not really economical but it’s decent. With a smooth driving style, you can get around 15 mpg in the city.

The sprint at this car is very impressive for an SUV. It is capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in around 8.0 seconds. The car is electronically limited to the 113 mph in the U.S.A. market. The comfort in the car is ensured by an intelligent sensor, which analyzes the road surface.

2017 Lexus GX 460 rear

2017 Lexus GX 460 – MSRP and Release Date:

The new Lexus GX 460 maintains its reputation of a luxury SUV. If we forgot that, the price helps us remember it. A manufacturer’s suggested retail price will be $51,000. Also, a full option vehicle, we should expect to be over $80,000. The car production will start at the end of 2016, and shortly after we should be able to see it in showrooms or to make pre-orders for it.

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