Kia Trail’ster Concept 

The car manufacturer Kia first introduced their Kia Trail’ster Concept in 2015. Now it appears that this innovative AWD could be slated for production in 2017. This SUV is primarily intended for off-road adventure. The Kia Trail’ster is ideal for handling the rigors of mountain driving as well as extremely reliable on different surfaces such as mud, grass, and snow. For less demanding situations model is great for city driving due to its easy maneuvering and great mobility.

Kia Trail’ster front

Kia Trail’ster – Worth Noticing Design:

The appearance of the Kia Trail’ster is certainly unusual and one-of-a-kind, but in a good way. The body is smooth with clean elegant lines and noticeable accent touches. To top off this beautiful design, the body comes in a neutral color. To contrast the body, the wheels really pop with bright red highlighting. The front end of the vehicle leaves quite an impression with K-9000 style projector headlights, a full width, thin grille, accent lights in both the roof and side mirrors; as well as large prominent LED fog lights in the lower fascia gives the vehicle an appearance of ruggedness. The aluminum details is also included in various areas of the body make for an incredible look.

The interior features a sporty look that consumers will love. Premium leather is used throughout the vehicle. The central console will score high points with buyers due to its many features such as a modern navigation system and an advanced audio system. A number of controls on the steering wheel allow drivers to quickly and easily manage different vehicle systems and controls.

Kia Trail’ster interior

Kia Trail’ster – Under the Hood:

Under the hood, you will find a snappy 1.6-liter turbo engine that delivers 185 horses and 185-foot pounds of torque to the front wheels. The Trail’ster is all-wheel drive vehicle. To accomplish this, there is a 270-volt AC electric motor that handles delivery to the rear axle. This motor sends 35 horses and 100-foot pounds of torque to the rear wheels when the vehicle calls for it. The combination of the internal combustion engine and the electric rear motor when working in harmony results in the new model moving at 220 horses and 285-foot pounds.

The Kia has implemented a hybrid drivetrain in the Concept which they refer to as a “through-the-road” system. This means that there is no mechanical connection front and rear drivetrains except for the road itself. The vehicle is equipped with a rear motivator which comes online as needed. This motivator boosts acceleration, masks turbo lag, and compensates for the front-wheel slip.

Kia Trail’ster rear

Kia Trail’ster – Reveal and MSRP:

The new Trail’ster is still currently in the concept phase, however, the Kia appears positioned to begin production on the vehicle sometime in 2017. Its crossover body style has increased in popularity every year since the body style was first introduced. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price will be $17,000.

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