2019 Genesis GV80 Review, Price

Hyundai’s sub-brand, the Genesis, is set to offer an exclusive SUV which they have labeled as the 2019 Genesis GV80. Apparently, the new SUV emphasizes an advanced design, a great deal of luxury, and great features unseen before in its class. The GV80 is an ultra-luxury SUV that bears some resemblance to the G80 sedan.

The company says this brand-new model is primarily geared toward American buyers. The new SUV is set to face stiff competition not only in the SUV segment but also the market at large. We believe the Genesis will defy all odds because it has proven its capability before. No doubt this first Genesis has been rumored to be a hit when it finally lands at dealers later this year.

2019 Genesis GV80 front

2019 Genesis GV80 Futuristic Appearance

Design-wise, we do not expect the 2019 Genesis GV80 to stray much from the show car, but a few extreme features won’t make it into production. The concept came with the slender, twin-strip headlights. While they’re pretty cool, they won’t make it to production as the Genesis has opted to adopt a more familiar design.

The inbound Genesis GV80 comes with slightly thinner chrome trim, and the upper surface gets finished with the same color as the body. The honeycomb-like mesh also makes it into production according to a trusted source. We also expect some revisions to the bumper as evidenced in our rendering.

The production Genesis GV80 model gets proper side takes, rather than organic-looking side vents. The company has also added an extra vent to the lower section of the apron. The vehicle sports less aggressive side skirts, revised pillars, different wheels, contemporary mirrors/door handles, and a redesigned roof rack.

2019 Genesis GV80 Interior

The interior of the 2019 Genesis GV80 is a big mystery at the moment. However, the concept’s cabin provides a few ideas that would help us judge what Genesis has in store for the buyers. The Korean brand is likely to borrow inspirations from the BMW and Mercedes-Benz; hence its interior is significantly based on a 4-door car. It could also draw some cues from the G80, especially given its size.

The 2019 Genesis GV80 sedan looks modern and feels stylish. Its dashboard features a massive slab of wood veneer that gives a premium look. A big screen seated in the middle of the dash provides the cabin with a driver-friendly feel on the go.

The seats are comfortable and adjustable, but the seating position is a little higher than in the G80. Also, the center console adapts to the SUV’s needs as it is taller and broader. At the rear end of the cabin, you will find plenty of headroom and legroom as well as a spacious trunk.

The production vehicle features some of the materials that were shown in the concept as Genesis aims at providing a superior car. Worth noting, the show car utilized semi-aniline leather with a quilted diamond on the seating surfaces, door panels, and center console.

Additionally, the dashboard sports what looks like “architecture” suede. The floorboards and center console will highlight ash wood, which is typically standard in expensive luxury cars. Overall, this layout aims to make the 2019 Genesis GV80 the most luxurious product in this niche.

2019 Genesis GV80 interior

2019 Genesis GV80 Engine and Transmission

The 2019 Genesis GV80 will likely derive its juice from a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. Further specs on the range and performance are, however, unavailable at this point. Recent news suggests the inbound Genesis GV80 could use the same engines as the rest of Genesis’s lineup.

If this is anything to abide by, then you should expect a range of V6, V8, and 4-cylinder units. The first option would likely be a 3.8-liter V6 option used in the current G80 sedan. It yields up to 311-horsepower and 293-lb.ft of torque. We also think a stronger 5.0-liter V8 engine is part of the bargain. It outputs around 420-horsepower and 383-lb.ft of torque.

All engines get hooked to an eight-speed manual transmission, and the rear-wheel-drive configuration comes as standard. Genesis also offers the all-wheel-drive setup in its latest Genesis GV80 edition.

2019 Genesis GV80 side

2019 Genesis GV80 Debut and Price

The 2019 Genesis GV80 model is scheduled to touch the global showrooms in the second half of this year. Its starting price likely falls in the $45,000 realm, but range-topping versions could hit the $65,000 line.

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