Hummer HX Concept

The Hummer HX Concept, bearing the stamp of the Hummer Legacy, exhibits design traces of the rival Jeep Wrangler. It showcased back in 2008 in the North-American International Auto Show. It caught the attention of many as a head turner. That shouldn’t be a surprise, though. The Hummer stands out as an iconic carmaker that’s associated with rugged vehicles which evoke a clear image of strength and masculinity. But, it’s notable that they’re downsizing every new entry. The recent graduates from Detroit were hired as designers at GM. They were tasked with augmenting the full-size H2 and the mid-size H3 SUVs into a new concept. From their separate designs came the Hummer HX Concept. It’s as wide as the H3, but with a 10-inches shorter wheelbase. This car explores the concept of a 2-door fastback Hummer.

Hummer HX front

Hummer HX – Significant Changes:

The exceptional Hummer design is clearly evident in every HX Concept’s part. It’s extremely attractive and sporty. It’s a lot more compact than the H3, measuring 81 inches wide. The wheelbase measures 103 inches. Its convertible design makes the car ideal for both cargo and passenger needs. However, the powertrain protection and underbody armor kit safeguard the car from potentially damaging elements like wayward rocks. It has several removable roof panels as well as a roof assembly that’s removable, too. Additionally, there are removable fender flares and doors.

The HX Concept is targeted at younger, trendy buyers who’re seeking versatility in an all-terrain vehicle. The Hummer design stamps are noticeable in the round headlamps, upright windshield profile, and prominent air intakes. The cutting-edge lights are appealingly unique. You’ll get front signal lamps, LED tail light, as well as HID headlamps.

Interior Design:

The interior has been designed with lightweight, yet functional elements. The cabin design boasts an aeronautical touch, particularly in the aluminum instrument panel. Furthermore, the HX Concept can accommodate four passengers. You can remove the rear bucket seats to provide more space for cargo. The lightweight, helicopter-themed seats feature a racing-style 4-point safety harness. They’re wrapped in an excellent weather-resistant neoprene material.

Although there’s no conventional radio, you’ll have a resting area where you could install an MP3 player. The MP3 player can be attached to the console’s integrated speakers through USB. Also, there’s a GPS system and various layouts of LCD screens. There are four-wheel disc brakes, too.

You’ll find a first-aid set, a flashlight, and also a shovel underneath the passenger seat. The console stands out as a prominent feature. It incorporates the shifter – a giant lever which folds out from a flush position. You’d think that it belongs to an aircraft’s cockpit.

Hummer HX interior

Hummer HX – Engine and Performance:

The new model Hummer HX is powered by an E-85 Flex Fuel 3.6-liter V6 engine, generating a considerable 304-horse power. It’s well equipped to provide 273 pounds-feet of torque. The fuel economy might be between 20 and 30 mpg. The Hummer HX Concept is intended to make use of biofuels. An electronic-disconnecting stabilizer bar reinforces the front suspension. As well, the integrated heavy-duty shock absorbers enhance the maneuverability. The drive train has been equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 4-WD system.

Hummer HX rear

Hummer HX – MSRP and Development:

There’s great speculation that the Hummer HX will bring in a youthful populace of drivers. Finally, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price will be around $40.000. We’re not certain of the release date. But, it’s believed that the vehicle might be released in early 2017.

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