Honda D Concept SUV

According to Honda, the new Honda D Concept SUV will be released in the China first, but later in the rest of the world. The Chinese market was one of the world’s major automotive markets in 2015 and because of that, this is an excellent plan. This model will be something between Pilot and CR-V model. More precisely, it will be larger than CR-V but smaller than Pilot. We can expect very spacious and comfortable cabin, pleasant ride, attractive exterior design and great engine capabilities. The manufacturer says that they want to make flagship model from this vehicle in the China market.

Honda D Concept SUV front

Honda D Concept SUV – Body and Design:

From the outside, the brand-new Honda D Concept SUV looks very attractive. Its appearance will be a bit similar to the well-known HR-V model and that is especially visible up front. Here we can notice attractive front grille connected with the elegantly designed headlights. This combination looks so attractive. All the lighting on this model will be powered by the LED technology including headlights, foggy lights, and rear lights. The mentioned headlights will run around the entire fascia incorporating the grille as well as the license plate. Under the grille, we can perceive so attractive front bumper fitted with elegantly decided air intakes as well as with the lights for fog. This vehicle will also have sporty look thanks to the floating roof design, sharply raked rear window and wing atop the tailgate. At the sides, this model will be equipped with the 19-inch aluminum wheels fitted with quality tires.

Interior Design:

From the inside, the imminent Honda D Concept SUV will be very modernistic and futuristic. However, we don’t have official photos of the cabin and everything is based on some reliable information but some information’s are confirmed by Honda. We know that the cabin will be very spacious and that will provide excellent comfort. When the cabin of this model is full, we can see five passengers inside. As we already wrote, this model is bigger than CR-V and that means that has a longer wheelbase and consequently better comfort. All seats will probably have leather upholstery and they will be very adjustable.

Honda D Concept SUV interior

Honda D Concept SUV – Engine:

The future Honda D Concept SUV will be powered by the same engine as CR-V model. So, we can expect a 2.4 liter four cylinders’ engine that is capable of producing up to 185 hp at 6400 rpm and also torque of 181 ft-lbs. at 3900 rpm. There is also a possibility of borrowing an engine from the HR-V model. If that is true, then we can anticipate 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine. However, this is unlikely. Although it will probably borrow the engine from the CR-V model, the fuel consumption of this model will be better. We don’t know exact digits but we know that will be better than 26/33 mpg in the city/highway.

Honda D Concept SUV rear

Honda D Concept SUV – Release Date and MSRP:

The release date of the brand-new Honda D Concept SUV will be at the beginning of 2017, probably in the first three months. The starting manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Chinese market will be $21.000. We can clearly say that for this money, you can’t find a better vehicle.

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