2019-2020 Chrysler SUV and Crossover Models

Chrysler is reportedly planning to expand its vehicle lineup by introducing the 2019-2020 Chrysler SUV and Crossover models. As of now, the brand is only known for sedans and minivans. Its portfolio includes two sedans—the 200 and 300 models—plus an all-new Chrysler Pacifica minivan.

It is alleged that Chrysler will take a new approach in the next years as it will join other brands that offer offensive crossovers and SUVs. Earlier on, we expected the new small sedan dubbed 100 to enter the market. However, it looks like priorities recently took another turn.


Is This A Good Move For Chrysler?

Apparently, this is important for the Chrysler because crossovers and SUVs have gained immense popularity in the recent past. Every major brand is now trying to invest in these segments. A lot of buyers are ditching sedans and minivans in favor of the sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. It is wise for the brand to participate in this game and improve its sales.

The information regarding the 2019-2020 Chrysler SUV and Crossover models is somewhat scarce. Some nuggets of reports indicate that Chrysler will offer a smaller 5-seat crossover as a substitute for the Dodge Journey. It will rival against the models like the Hyundai Santa Fe and Ford Edge. Further, we might also see a full-size 3-row SUV with the Chrysler emblem. It would take on the likes of Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander, among others.

2019 Dodge Journey

Expected Design

The design of the potential Chrysler models is still a mystery. However, we expect Chrysler’s upcoming SUVs to make do with the new Pacifica platform. The brand’s imminent crossover is likely to mirror the Jeep Cherokee K8, which should grace the Chinese automobile space with three rows of seats.

On the other hand, the model with the Chrysler badge is expected to offer five seats alongside the brand’s signature elements. The other 7-seat Chrysler SUV will adopt a lot of cues from the Pacifica minivan. For instance, it will come with the same lighting clusters, front fascia, and smooth body lines. It will also be a little bigger than a Dodge Durango.

The 2019-2020 Chrysler SUV and Crossover models will offer several features that are identical to the ongoing Pacifica minivan and sedan models. Since there is still a lot of time for Chrysler engineers to tweak things, we might find the new models with a host of upgrades in technology and safety features. The only thing that we least expect is the Stow n Go seat function.

stow and go seats

Powertrain Options

The 2019-2020 Chrysler SUV and Crossover models will adopt several powertrain options from the Fiat/Chrysler parts bin. The mid-sized crossover is likely to offer 4-and 5-cylinder power units. We will have the front-wheel-drive as standard, but the all-wheel-drive configuration will be optional. There’s also the likelihood of a plug-in hybrid engine.

The larger SUV will feature both the V-6 powertrain and a plug-in hybrid option. The new SUV version is likely to use a 3.6-liter V-6 engine that currently powers the Pacifica minivan. When it comes to the plug-in hybrid option, the inbound SUV is likely to combine the V-6 engine and two electric motors that get their power from the 16kWh battery pack.

Arrival Date

Chrysler is yet to provide official affirmation regarding the release date of its SUV and crossover models. However, we expect these models to be launched in the next two years. The bigger Chrysler SUV comes as the 2019 model and will premiere in mid-2018. On the contrary, the smaller crossover will arrive at some auto show in 2019 and should hit the roads as the 2020 model.

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