BMW Urban Cross Concept

For many years now, the BMW has always been able to prove its creativity by producing the most striking models in the vehicle market. The latest among is the BMW Urban Cross Concept. Being their first time to venture into the urban cross production, this new model is definitely going to be one of a kind. Its introduction will bring about stiff competition to the other models that are in the same category as it. According to some websites, this vehicle is going for a very fair price.

BMW Urban Cross front

BMW Urban Cross – Exterior and Interior:

This is one of the models that the headlamps have been redesigned to enable it to cope with rainy or misty conditions. Featuring a wider wheelbase, this vehicle will offer more comfort to the passengers because there will be an increase in the leg space. The BMW Urban Cross also boasts a wider track meaning the drive will have a much better control on slippery roads or during wet conditions because the possibility of slipping is hugely reduced. More so the company has made use of very lightweight materials to design the body parts and also the decoration of the outer parts.


In the interior parts, the cabin features an automatic navigation system that provides a 3D map viewing option. Working together with a satellite, the navigation system will provide accurate directions to the user. It also boasts a real-time traffic and weather update which will be displayed on this panel. It has a steering that is covered with leather material to enable the driver a better grip. This new model also has LED lights making it look more appealing to the eye. The dashboard has also undergone a lot of changes and it will have a number of push buttons plus a touch screen. The issue of safety has been covered by ensuring there is an auto-braking system, blind spot monitor, rear-view camera and preclusion warning signal.

BMW Urban Cross interior

BMW Urban Cross – Engine Specs:

The new BMW Urban Cross will have a bigger engine than those found in its predecessors. The engine is expected to have a higher output of approximately 450 hp. It will also have an injection system that will improve the fuel economy. The double clutch which will improve shifting of gears and will reduce the number of cases of gear hunting. This BMW will be able to gain a speed of up to 60 mph in a range of 4 seconds.

BMW Urban Cross interior

BMW Urban Cross Concept – MSRP and Expected Release Date:

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the BMW Urban Cross will be around 32,000 dollars. This car is expected to be released into the market in the early parts of 2017.

Wrap up:

Well, just by looking at the engine performance any car lover will confirm that it is a powerful machine. Despite the price range, many people would go for such a car because it has an injection system and most features that have been included to make the car amazing. Plus you don’t really have to be extra cautious during the rainy season because it has the best grip.

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