2019 BMW X8 Concept, Expectations

After a lot of anticipation about BMW’s X7, which is due for a grand release in 2017, the German auto giants are expected to go a step further with the 2019 BMW X8. This model is being planned according to some inside sources and there will be quite a lot of new features. This car will likely be a mid-sized luxury SUV much like X7 and will target the likes of the upcoming SUV Audi Q8.

2019 BMW X8 front

2019 BMW X8 – What is expected in Design?

Speculations suggest that the 2019 BMW X8 will wear a far more sporty look than BMW’s other vehicles in this segment. Expect much more aggressive styling on this vehicle and will certainly not simply be a family hauling car. Many design proposals have been forwarded for this vehicle and X8 could be based on BMW’s cluster architecture or CLAR design platform.

The large grilles and angular headlights are expected for this SUV, just like its predecessors down the X-series. Daylight running lamps with fog lamps will obviously be present. Both LED-based headlights and tail lights will be integrated.

Spacious Interior

The 2019 BMW X8 will be more spacious than its other cousins. Both leg room and the head room will be more in this vehicle than cars like X6 and X7. However, seating arrangements will be unlike these models since X8 will be a sportier vehicle. A 2+3 seat arrangement will be the most probable design and BMW again will not offer a third row. This reassures that passengers in this SUV will have more than enough space. The futuristic amenities like an autonomous driving system will be on offer as it has been in X7. A gesture based iDrive function will come standard, which means mid-air finger movements will be enough to help the driver operate the infotainment system. Leather and wooden finishing will be done for insides of this vehicle’s cabin.

Engine Rumors

As far as engines are concerned, both gasoline and electric versions will be offered in the 2019 BMW X8. Speculations for the gasoline version suggest both xDrive50i and xDrive40i engines. For hybrid version, xDrive60e iPerformance and xDrive50e iPerformance engines are expected. These engines are extremely powerful and are likely to churn out as much as 600 HP. Other sources say even a V8 or a V12 engine could be in the offing for X8. It is too early to say what the final engine could be, but be sure to find a powerful engine in 2019 BMW X8.

Possible Arrival Date and Estimated Cost

Since 2019 BMW X8 is still in its early planning days, production is not expected to start anytime soon. In fact, most market experts are expecting this SUV to be available for buying showrooms in 2020. That said, it is probably going to take the mid-sized SUV segment by storm with its futuristic features and sporty look. Expect base models to cost $70,000 for gasoline versions while hybrid base models may start well over $80,000.

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