2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV 

After many years of speculations, German’s new SUV dubbed 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV is finally ready to grace the dealerships. A reliable source informed us that the new BMW X7 SUV would first appear next month at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Latest indications also suggest that this SUV goes on sale one year after its official premiere, probably at the first quarter of 2019.

The standard BMW fuel cell model will become the brand’s biggest and most luxurious version in the X7 series. BMW came up with the idea of hydrogen fuel cell technology and has been working to combine its luxurious full-size SUV with the system. It is alleged that the inbound fuel cell model will become an emission-free electric car.

The 7-seater Fuel Cell SUV will pack three rows of seats and becomes the first ever electric SUV with three full rows in the lineup. Lexus LX could also venture into the hydrogen fuel technology in the future. However, the automaker is yet to shed light on this subject.

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV front

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV – Exterior and Interior Design

The 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV is set to reflect the standard X-series model in terms of appearance. Thus, its exterior features will largely mirror what the X5 has in store for us. We are also expecting a more extensive two-kidney grille with vertical bars, and a unique bumper that is entirely separate from the X5 mode.

Overall, this brand-new auto offers unique solutions designated for full-size crossovers. The inside of the Fuel Cell model has a roomier space and 3-row seats that can accommodate the whole family. It will be able to host up to seven adult passengers in comfort.

State-of-the-art infotainment elements will grace the interior of this vehicle, offering the best navigation for the chauffeur. Another notable highlight is the steering wheel, which has now been tweaked to deliver a safe and sound ride. The cabin section is as luxurious as you would probably expect in a full-size BMW SUV.

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV interior

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV – Hydrogen-Powered

The 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV uses the same fuel cell technology that powers the 5-series prototype. The 5-series turn the hydrogen into electricity with a 180-Kilowatt/h motor. Besides the hydrogen-powered fuel-cell engines, the X7 features other traditional units. A two-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine might appear in the upcoming X7 Fuel Cell.

The hydrogen engine is likely to cover a longer mileage than other fuel sources. Rumor has it that it covers up to 400 km even without the fuel cell, thanks to the advancement of batteries. It is for this reason that the 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV will become more convenient compared to other fuel-powered drivetrains, resulting in low fuel consumption.

Like any other electric vehicle, the X7 will be quiet, emissions-free and environmentally-friendly. It will become one of the sufficient models for customers in this segment. The reason is that it covers incredibly long distances with zero emissions.

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV side

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV – Pricing and Release Date

The release of the 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV is dependent upon the development progress of the hydrogen system. Since this is a brand-new SUV, the odds are that it will become available for public view when it is ready.

The upcoming 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV will make it first appearance from next month at the motor show circuit in Frankfurt. However, it will not enter the dealerships until the first quarter of 2019. As for the affordability, the standard model of the BMW X7 starts at $70,000, but the cost of the hydrogen fuel-cell powered version remains a mystery.

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