2019 BMW X2 First Drive Review

The 2019 BMW X2 is the upcoming upgrade for the relatively new BMW X2 series which was first unveiled in 2017. The X2 is a sub-compact SUV that looks almost exactly the same as the more famous X1 model, which has been around for close to a decade. This uncanny similarity stems from the fact that the X2 shares the same chassis and has the same dimensions as the X1. The X2 is nevertheless marketed as a totally different model from the X1.

The 2019 BMW X2 is set to be part of BMW’s X-series of vehicles which is the company’s only SUV line. The X series offers SUVs of varying size, ranging from the smaller sub-compact X1 to the bigger X6 which is a mid-sized SUV. This series offers refined luxury features that target the upmarket segment of the automobile market.

2019 BMW X2 front

2019 BMW X2 is built on the same platform that is used in X1 model

The 2019 BMW X2 extensively borrows its exterior attributes from the X1. But although it is built on the same platform, it is slightly shorter in length and height. The car will be offered in 3 trim levels; the M sport, the M sports X and the basic trim. The basic variant will be fitted with 18-inch alloy wheels while the M trims will come with 20-inch wheels. Due to its shorter vertical height and more slanted roof, the BMW X2 looks more like a hatchback than a crossover SUV. This reduced height nevertheless gives the car a lower drag coefficient compared to its predecessors which bring about better fuel efficiency and handling.

The 2019 BMW X2 will also be the first model from the X series to have BMW’s round emblem embedded on the C pillar, and will also have the unique distinction of lacking a rear bumper step. This car is set to be fitted with a dual chrome exhaust system which is meant to complement its sporty looks. The most distinctive external feature for this vehicle, however, is bound to be its signature inverted kidney front grille which deviates from BMW’s famous grille shape. Other notable exterior features include an automatic panoramic sunroof and powered rear-view mirrors.

2019 BMW X2 Interior

The interior cabin of the BMW X2 will have a more limited leg-room and cargo storage. This is mainly due to the vehicle’s reduced exterior dimensions. If you choose to look past the cramped cabin space you will find the interior features to be quite extravagant. To begin with, the vehicle’s seats will all be clad in Dakota leather. This leather can only be found in the most sophisticated upmarket cars.

The infotainment package will include a Harman Kardon audio system which will be controlled through an 8-inch touch interface. This audio system will allow Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, And Apple CarPlay connectivity. The major downside is that this system will still not be able to support Android Auto.

2019 BMW X2 interior

2019 BMW X2 Engine Options

The newest model BMW X2 will come with several engine options, all having different performance capabilities. The sDrive20i and the xDrive20i will be fitted with a 2.0l 4-cylinder 7-speed automatic petrol engine. This will be able to produce 189 HP while generating 207lb/ft of torque. This version will nevertheless not be available in the American market.

The American market will receive two different variants of the 2019 BMW X2. These will be the sDrive28i and the xDrive28i which will be propelled by a 2.0l 4-cylinder 8-speed automatic petrol engine. This engine is capable of producing up to 228 HP. A diesel variant called the xDrive20d will come with a 2.0l 4-cylinder 8-speed automatic engine, capable of churning 227 HP.

2019 BMW X2 rear

2019 BMW X2 MSRP and Release

The starting price for the 2019 BMW X2 is going to be around $37.000 for the basic trim. Those eager to try out this new vehicle will, however, have to wait until late 2018.

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