2018 BMW X5 Gets a New Diesel Engines and New Design

The photos of the 2018 BMW X5 are already making the rounds in the market. These photos are not only from the spy photo vendors but have also released by BMW themselves, and shows the X5 undergoing the final testing phase.

2018 BMW X5 front view

2018 BMW X5 – What’s Different?

The new 2018 BMW X5 seems to have bigger kidney grilles as well as a more pronounced front end, thus lending an overall more dynamic look to the model. There has also been gossip about the future of the BMW X5 and the comparatively shorter life cycle that it has in contrast to that of the usual SUV. These gossips seem to be true. It seems that at the end of its current lifecycle, which will occur in 2018, the series will receive significant upgrades.

What would you love the most?

The car will receive a new infotainment system and new engines. The overall architecture and build of the car will make for a lighter model. The new infotainment system will result in new displays which will come with a higher resolution and upgraded software. The menu will not be appearing as a list of mutually arranged menu items but will appear as tiles, with adjacent symbols.

2018 BMW X5 engine

The new Engines

These new models will be rated at 310 HP and they will provide better power combined with fewer emissions and better fuel consumptions. The new generation of the X-5 will also be compatible with the plug-in hybrid powertrains and will come with a wide array of four, six or eight cylinder options.

As far as the diesel side for the models is concerned, there will also be some change, with the xDrive35d evolving into the xDrive40D, something that will be a premiere for the U.S.

All these changes seem to help the 2018 BMW X5 transform into an even more powerful model, combining higher performance along with bold designs and stylistic looks.

2018 BMW X5 side

When can you get your hands on it?

The plans are to build the new G05 BMW X5 on the same platform as that of the upcoming BMW X7. The release dates of the two will be different, although production of both will supposedly start in 2018 in the Spartanburg factory of the United States.

Of course, in terms of looks, there is not much change in the X5 model, as the cars will look the same from the outside. The drastic changes that the rumors are talking about will be on the inside, under the skin.

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