2018 BMW X4 Design, Release Date

One of the best SUV concept cars from the BMW CES presentation was the 2018 BMW X4. This is one of their new offerings situated between the X3 and X5. The CES concept car wowed us, and some leaked information has surfaced about the features of the car.

2018 BMW X4 front

2018 BMW X4 – First Impressions:

This 2018 BMW X4 is an improvement of the current model in the architecture and materials used. A better vehicle design and changes in the type of materials make it lighter without losing the firmness. The double spoke wheelbase is now 20-inches, increasing the stability even when driving on standard tires. Its sport dual exhaust system has been fiddled with to improve exhaust fume dissipation reducing emissions slightly. The blacked chromed tailpipes and some round LED headlights will add a more aggressive visage to the new model.

The rooftop has an angular appearance and other slight changes have been made to the rear glass, rear defoggers, and the roof rack, enhancing the appearance. The 18-inch aluminum alloys and upraised hood lines give it a sporty edge. Combined, these features make the 2018 BMW X4 an aggressive sports SUV.

The first interior upgrade that is noted is the new electric-powered steering wheel provides a well-weighted balance between control and lightness. The soft leather upholsteries have been fitted with the new seats, and the dynamic infotainment system is more integrated to the core functionality. The heating and cooling in the seats and climate control have been improved, and the larger cabin enhances cargo space, heat space, and foot space. The seats have been designed to integrate lumbar support reducing fatigue after long distance travel.

2018 BMW X4 interior

2018 BMW X4 – Powertrain Configuration:

There are only two engine ranges on offer. The first xDrive28i engine is a sporty turbocharged 2.0-liter straight 4-cylinder engine that is a tweaked version of the Z4 model. The engine has 240 horsepower that peaks at 5000 to 6500 RPM. This torque is higher than that of the Z4 with 258 lb-ft peaking between 1450 and 6000 RPM. The fuel adeptness is 20 mpg in city driving and 28 mpg in highway driving.

The second xDrive35i engine is a more powerful turbocharged 3.0-liter straight 6-cylinder engine. The engine has 300 horsepower that peaks at 5800 to 6000 RPM. Its fuel efficiency is 19 mpg in city driving and 27 mpg in highway driving.

Both the xDrive28i and the xDrive35i engines are married to the 8-speed automatic transmissions or 6-speed manuals. The automatic transmissions are expected to be the most popular based on previous model sales. All 2018 BMW X4 vehicles will be all-wheel drive, improving the engine performance and the handling. However, these engines all require premium fuel for the best performance.

2018 BMW X4 rear

2018 BMW X4 – MSRP and Estimate Date of Release:

The xDrive28i and the xDrive35i models of the 2018 BMW X4 will have manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $45,900 and $50,250 respectively. The costs are expected to increase when including options and a $995 destination charge. Since the car is still in late production, no official release date has been announced, but most expect it to be for sale around fall 2018.

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