2018 BMW i5 SUV Rumors, Engine Specs

The 2018 BMW i5 SUV is set to join the BMW i3 hatchback and BMW i8 sports car as the next all-electric version in the brand’s portfolio. The various sources claim that the automaker has settled on an SUV body-style for the new model, so it goes in line with the booming sales and greater profit margins. Besides the all-new body, the incoming vehicle accommodates a bulky battery pack without compromising proportions.

2018 BMW i5 SUV front

2018 BMW i5 SUV – Design and Technology

Our exclusive images of the 2018 BMW i5 SUV hint that BMW maintains the same design theme it used for the i3 and i8 models. The redesigned vehicle comprises cooling bonnet scoops, a floating roof and two-tone color scheme with contrasting panels. Due to the electric powertrain, the i5 will demand an active grille for smooth airflow and better range.

The new 2018 BMW i5 SUV comes with iconic features, such as an improved kidney grille that ensures it fits within a wider range. In the quest to make a strong case against the likes of Tesla, the i5 commands a range of more than 200 miles between top-ups. The manufacturer has achieved this partially thanks to the use of lightweight carbon-fiber construction techniques. The BMW 7 Series saloon, the i3 and i8 models have already employed these techniques.

Worth noting, the i5 would be unveiled with the modern day CLAR architecture. The purported flip-up structure makes it possible for the BMW to use various-sized automobiles with a variety of drivetrains. For instance, it would become a possibility to use it inside the smaller 3 series and hybrids as well as EVs. In our rendering, we did notice that the automaker is going to borrow ideas from Bimmer’s significant three-box vehicles.

One of the most adored functions is the laser-light headlights, which will become available as standard in this edition. Apart from that, a variety of tech gadgets and gizmos will become available in the i5 SUV. Like all Bimmers, we expect the 2018 BMW i5 SUV to supply high-end materials inside. The reformed vehicle would introduce synthetic leather along with reprocessed materials. We are also likely to find a lot of displays inside the cabin of the next-gen i5 SUV.

2018 BMW i5 SUV interior

Engine and Transmission

The 2018 BMW i5 SUV will employ electric motors. The top-ranking model would be paired with an automatic transmission system for improved mileage. As we’ve stated earlier on in this post, the i5 SUV will flaunt a record of excellent fuel usage and low emission statistics.

Expect the EPA figures of 32 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway. The incoming i5 SUV comes with a variety of safety characteristics. Hence, the security will become its number one priority. Excellent safety and security measures will become available. These include an emergency braking system, airbags, seat straps, lane-keep alert, grip control, car parking aid and adaptive cruise control among the rest.

2018 BMW i5 SUV rear

Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The 2018 BMW i5 SUV is a luxury car that arrives in early 2018. It would compete directly with the Tesla Model X and the Audi Q7 e-Tron. Finally, according to our sources, the new i5 SUV would start at $60,000.

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