2018 BMW i3 Range, Release Date

The electric-powered 2018 BMW i3 arrives at San Fernando Valley BMW dealership in a matter of weeks from now. The upcoming i3 is slated to receive a pleasing redesign, with a sleeker look, advanced tech elements and introduction of a sporty i3s variant.

The BMW i3 is a standard model, which appears to mirror the old one when viewed from different angles.

2018 BMW i3 front

2018 BMW i3 – Styling Changes

The 2018 BMW i3 receives minor styling changes over the on-going i3 model. It comes with a new range of paint finishes, black roof pillars and updated front and rear bumpers that make it look wider and sporty. When restyling the car’s front and rear aprons, a lot of attention has been placed on its width.

The chrome trim strip runs across the width of the rear, while e-Drive badges on outer edges of the boot lid reinforce this impression. Meanwhile, the sporty i3s features large 20-inch alloy wheels with wider tires as well as a more aggressive front bumper with outsized air intakes.

Furthermore, lightly flared wheel arches along with more space between the rear wheels serve to enhance the car’s agility. The BMW engineers focused on a new 10.3-inch infotainment screen inside the 2018 BMW i3. Like the 5 Series, the supposed infotainment system runs the latest version of BMW’s i-Drive system.

You can choose from a range of interior trim options, including the Lodge, Atelier, Loft and Suite. All these options seem to change the materials used for the seats. The new optional features in the latest i3 include traffic jam and parking assistance system. These allow the i3 to maintain a set speed in slow-moving traffic and park itself respectively.

As standard, the auto includes rear parking sensors, heated front seats, digital radio, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity and automatic wipers and lights.

2018 BMW i3 interior

2018 BMW i3 – Battery Pack and Range

The 2018 BMW i3 comes with a 22 kWh battery pack. The lithium-ion high-voltage battery located low in the vehicle floor offers a range of 80 miles (60 Ah), and 114 miles (94 Ah).

Perhaps the introduction of the BMW i3s is the most significant upgrade so far. This sports package comes with a slightly higher performance engine alongside a new sports suspension. The company claims the i3s accelerates from 0-62 mph in 6.8 seconds.

Both BMW i3 variants come with an optional range extender that makes use of a two-cylinder gas engine to charge the battery on the go. The BMW has its own charging station that fills an empty battery in just less than three hours. You may use a standard wall outlet, but it takes around 15 hours for the battery to fill.

2018 BMW i3 rear

2018 BMW i3 – Debut Date and Models Price

The 2018 BMW i3 and i3s will make their world debut next month at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The BMW intends to announce the pricing before the updated i3 goes on sale, but we have our estimates. The following are exclusive prices of the incoming BMW i3 and i3s:

1. BMW i3 – $44,000

2. BMW i3 range extender – $49,866

3. BMW i3s – $49,538

4. BMW i3s range extender – $53,759

Note that BMW’s scrappage scheme deal offers buyers an extra $2,680 off the price of their vehicles.

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