2017 BMW X7 Specs, Price

Just when we thought the BMW editions could not get any better, the Bavarian company is about to launch the 2017 BMW X7 Edition. The new model is a modern SUV that boasts of an ultra-modern, classy and unsurprisingly sleek design. The appealing new design is an indication of the company`s intent in the automotive industry as the SUV comes with a host of new features. Below is a review of the SUV, with a primary focus on the machine`s performance, appearance, pricing, specs and the anticipated release date for sales.

2017 BMW X7 front view

2017 BMW X7 – Attractive Design:

It is expected that the German company will go all out in the X7`s interior design with comfort a major factor for consideration in the automotive industry. The interior design is thought to be inspired by the X5 edition which offered a wide range of interior color options from ivory to blends of leather black and pearl white. The leather interior is bound to attract comfort lovers with Alcantara fabric and high-quality leather.


The 2017 X7 Edition release is expected to bear the traditional BMW external body kit design.
Further, the SUV is thought to be the largest crossover release by the automobile giants up to date. Its design is likely to come with a relatively larger front apron defined by headlights. This feature will be attractive, especially for space and comfort lovers as the SUV will offer luxury and comfort all in one package.


The 2017 BMW X7 has massive technological upgrades such as driver assistance and high-quality sound systems. The new model brags a sleek cabin design with extended passenger space characterized by the significantly larger seat sizes. Furthermore, this will allow comfortable travel and increased passenger capacity. The interior promises to be an amazing upgrade that already has BMW fanatics anxious over the release date.

2017 BMW X7 interior view

2017 BMW X7 – Engine and Overall Performance:

The based on information provided on some websites, the crossover is likely to borrow updated X5 engine. Users will be able to switch from the basic 3.0-liter engine to the 4.4-liter V-8. The 3.0-liter engine will have around 350-400 horsepower. With these engine features, the crossover offers improved performance in both off-road and city drives. It is expected to manage around 63 mph in less than five seconds from the start.

2017 BMW X7 rear

2017 BMW X7 – Release Date and MSRP:

The 2017 BMW X7 is expected to be released for sale in late 2017 or early 2018. Finally, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price will be around $70,000. The main rival will be Audi Q7.

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